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Definedge Online Market पाठशाला | 24th September 2022

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Get ready for our mega event on Objective & Noiseless Trading! 

The ten-day course is a complete journey from confused speculator to a competent Noiseless Trader

We cover System trading, setup trading, behavioural finance & money management aspects during the session that will make you trade & type of markets on your own.

Course Duration

10-day course with lifetime support!

Topics covered


24th September – 3rd October 2022


  • Non-Market days: 11 am to 05 pm
  • Market day: 11 am to 04 pm




Rs. 14,500/- + 18% GST

Please Note

Online videos of many concepts discussed during the course are available at Definedge Insight. At times, we will ask you to refer to them before discussing those topics

The focus of Pathshala will be on the execution and practical aspects of trading, investment, options trading, intraday & positional setups



Mentor Team

For any query call us on the following numbers

  • +917058954857
  • +917249191566
  • +919370993114
  • +917276010270

Warm Regards,
Team Definedge

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Soumya Ranjan

just quick clarification we will get recording of market path Shala to review post training ? If not ps do provide recording to new comers who are newly introduced to P& F markek pathshala training it will make easy for us to revisit the the recordings