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Products at Definedge Securities

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Definedge Securities is an online stock broking firm. It is a member of NSE, BSE and MCX with a SEBI registration number INZ000301132. We are also a Depositary Participant of CDSL Depository with SEBI registration number CDSL-IN-DP-662-2021.

When you open the detmat account with Definedge securities, you get access to some brilliant products built over the years by experienced market professionals.

For those who know about Definedge Sol

When you open demat account with Definedge Securities, you get access to below products for free.

TradePoint Desktop Trading terminal

A Desktop trading terminal with advanced charting methods, tools, indicators, RS and straddle etc charts.

TradePoint Terminal of Definedge securities offer advanced, in-depth & innovative charts, tools and indicators on NSE, BSE, MCX, Currency and NSE F&O segment for EOD as well as real-time for completely free. It has got advanced relative strength, straddle & strangle charts, various options studies and indicators. It has also got all the features of trading terminal and you can also place orders from these tools.

You can download terminal from the below link:

Opstra Trading terminal

Opstra option analytics platform with facility to trade in derivative segment. You can also save strategies and create paper portfolios.

Below is a link for Opstra terminal:


Zone Web Trading Terminal

Web-based trading terminal with advanced charting methods, tools, indicators, RS, multi-leg, straddle etc. charts on NSE, BSE, MCX, Currency and NSE F&O segment for EOD as well as real-time for completely free

Below is a link for Zone Web terminal:


Zone Mobile app

A light and fast mobile trading app with charts, Option chain, stock SIP etc. features.

Radar: An online portal for fundamental analysis. You can select stocks and analyse the financial reports. You can also scan for the stocks for various conditions.

Below is a link for Radar:


Shelf: An education portal having online structured modules on very interesting subjects related to techniques and strategies of trading & investment covered right from basics.

Below is a link for Shelf:


Insight: An online video portal covering various educational videos on subjects related to techniques and strategies related to trading and investment. There is a free access to all the videos.

Below is a link for Insight:


Training and Webinars

There will be frequent free webinars for Definedge Securities demat account holders by the Definedge team and guest experts.

All above products are totally free for the demat account holders of Definedge Securities.

Below products are available at subscription:

TradePoint Desktop Pro Terminal

A Desktop terminal having advanced scanner feature, matrix tables, RS, Breadth chart, multi-timeframe scanners and advanced real-time scanners on all charting types and market segments. It is an advanced platform for market analysis that facilitates users to create insightful trading strategies.

Link to download TradePoint Pro terminal is same as TradePoint basic terminal:

Opstra Pro Terminal

Advanced Options strategies such as Options dashboard, volatility skew, futures buildup, options algorithm, backtesting, IV charts, Options simulator and many other interesting tools with option to save multiple strategies in your options portfolio.

Opstra Option analytics tool with advanced features with trading facility.

Link for Opstra Pro terminal is same as Opstra terminal:



Real-time & EOD scanners, breadth, tables, multi-timeframe scanner, matrix and other advanced studies are available in all market segment in RZone. You can also create your own groups, track portfolios and perform studies such as D sectors or D phase.

Link for Rzone is same as Zone web terminal, there is an icon Rzone at top in the Zone web terminal:


Market Pathshala

Special batches of Market Pathshala for the demat account holders of Definedge securities.

At Definedge, we have been continuously working on the product research side that has helped develop innovative concepts and product features. All the products that we have built over the years are advanced platforms for market analysis that also simplifies decision making process for all types of traders and investors. The products are available at much lower prices at Definedge securities. In fact, the prices are slashed by around 60% and more market segments are added in these products.

But that’s not all.


When you buy any subscription, the points equal to your subscription will get added to your Wallet of Definedge Securities. Those points will be adjusted against the brokerage being charged to you! So, in a way, all the Pro products are also available for free to the traders of Definedge securities.

There will be continuous improvement and regular updates in all the products of Definedge securities. We are going to aggressively add more features and product in the basket. Our intention is to create a small universe of traders and investors and empower them with more tools and techniques to take better decisions.

Product features in detail are explained at www.defiendgesecurities.com

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