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Relative Strength, Breadth & Trading Psychology | 15th October 2022

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Our event on Relative Strength, Breadth & Trading Psychology 

How this course will help you? 

Most of the traders and investors focus only on the price action and trading strategies based on it. They tend to overlook two important aspects related to success in trading. First, which marktets and instruments to be traded and when to go slow. It is like a cricket sport, batsman would have to decide his technique based on the pitch and the situation. Second, unless he work on his thought process and psychology related to trading, he will not be able to execute any trade strategy.

This two-day course will help you deal with both these important aspects.

Course Duration

Two-day with life time support

Topics covered


Sat, 15 Oct, 2022 – Sun, 16 Oct, 2022


10:00am to 05:00pm (Both days)




Rs. 14,499/- + GST 18%

Please Note

Please click on Buy Product after the registration. Select (TWO-DAY COURSE ON RELATIVE STRENGTH, BREADTH & TRADING PSYCHOLOGY) and click on Next button

Mentor Team

Prashant Shah
Raju Ranjan 
D Prasad

For any query call us on the following numbers

  • +919370993114
  • +917276010270


Warm Regards,
Team Definedge

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