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Shelf: Knowledge sharing initiative

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About Shelf

Shelf is a knowledge sharing initiative by Definedge which is presented in a structured manner.

There are multiple books available in the Shelf module. The Introduction part of these modules is accessible to everyone. You can access the entire module when you open the demat account with Definedge securities.

We at Definedge, have spent several years in research, analysis and practice of the various tools and techniques related to market analysis and trading. Shelf portal is our attempt to share the knowledge on various subjects right in a very structured manner. It will help you to take better decisions and also serve as a reference guide.

Every module in the Shelf is a book which explains the subject right from the basics. We will keep adding topics in these books and keep you updated about new topics that are added. Some books could be incomplete, but the posts will get updated. There will be more writeups based on your suggestions and the feedback.

Below are the books currently available:

Trading Options

Derivatives and Options explained right from the basics. The book explains options trading strategies, reading payoff charts, volatility, and the Greeks. The strategies are revisited based on Greeks. Soon, the Options charts studies will also be added in the module.

Technical Analysis

This module is for people want to learn technical analysis from the beginning. It involves to-the-point explanation of various charting types, pivot levels, support resistance, chart patterns and popular theories. More topics will keep getting added in it.  

Candlestick Chart

There is an explanation to all the candlestick charting patterns. The patterns are divided in single, double and multi-candle formations. There will be a detailed study on the backtesting of the patterns as well.

Point & Figure chart

The age-old western charting technique is explained right from the basics. The book focuses on the unique properties that this charting method offers. It can help a trader and investor to overcome noise and making his trade process very effective.

Renko chart

One of the oldest Japanese charting methods explained right from basics in a very structured manner. This book is one of its kind on the Renko chart on the global stage. Your will learn how to trade Renko chart effectively in this module.

Relative Strength

This book explains entirely different way of looking at the markets. It provides step-by-step guidance, from the basics to the advanced methods of relative strength, keeping practical aspects of trading in the mind. Effective relative strength analysis can help you outperform the markets.

Breadth Analysis

All that you need to know about breadth analysis is explained in this book. It is a complete resource of learning and understanding the breadth analysis. The effective breadth analysis can completement your price studies and improve the productivity of your decisions.

You, Me, and Trading

There is no dearth of methods for trading but still, many traders struggle to be consistently successful in trading and grapple with execution and self-doubt. The real problem and its solution are elsewhere. This book is authors’ interpretation of Bhagwat Gita from investment perspective.  The knowledge and discussion in the book will change your perception of the market and take your trading and investment to the next level.

Line break charts

Line-break is another charting method from the noiseless charting family. It is also one of the oldest Japanese charting methods. The method is unique in a way that a trader has to define only reversal value while plotting it. The method is very suitable to objective trading systems and Algo trading. It is discussed right from basics in the book.

Indicators Simplified

All popular indicators are discussed in a different way and explained in detail. The intention is to clear the concepts behind the indicators so that trader can use them effectively.

Multi-chart studies

The possibilities of multiple charting methods in a single trading system is discussed in the module. It is still in progress.

The concepts about Technical anaysis, Options trading, Noiseless charts, Relative strength, breadth and indicators is explained in a structured manner right from basics in Shelf. More modules will be added in the Shelf.

Shelf is an evolving platform that is built with the only intention of sharing knowledge and help you take well-informed decisions as an independent trader and investor.

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