Right Click to Switch Chart Type in TradePoint Terminal

Right Click To Switch Chart Type | TradePoint Terminal  Now user can switch charts in 2 simple clicks. There is no need to plot different type of chart from scratch. Need to switch from Candlestick (or any other type of chart) to some other? Just right-click and select chart type of your choice.   Check … Read more

New RZone dashboard for Zone Web

Introducing New RZone Dashboard | Zone Web  RZone – the web platform by Definedge for all your technical research and analysis. The new RZone dashboard displays a graphical representation of various aspects of the market. This feature allows users to get maximum information regarding the market in one single glance. In this post, we will discuss … Read more

Introducing charts on Zone Mobile App

Introducing Charts | Zone Mobile  Now users can access all types of charts on the mobile application. For every scrip, users can access up to 8 types of charts with multiple timeframes. It is world’s first mobile app having P&F and Renko log charts. Where to find? Tap on any Scrip > Tap Chart icon  … Read more

HawkEye charts in TradePoint Terminal

HawkEye | TradePoint Terminal   As the name describes, this feature allows users to have a very keen eyesight on different market groups. This feature showcases live charts during market hours for every scrip in heatmap mode. Also, users can send buy and sell orders from this window itself. Where to find? Market > HawkEye > … Read more

D Phase: Market phase at a glance

D Phase | Zone Web  We are glad to announce new feature release.  D Phase This feature provides a pictorial view of the major patterns qualified on P&F charts for the selected group or sector. This allows user to identify strength of any particular group. It gives market phase view at a glance. You can … Read more