2 new addition to the Multi-timeframe scanner segment | Zone Web

Multi-timeframe Ratio MA Patterns This scanner calculates the RS patterns such as Flying, Drowning, Cat, Lion, Bullish star and Bearish star based on the trend on the Ratio chart as well as on the price chart. The trend is calculated on daily, weekly and monthly charts and accordingly scored.  The score is 1 for the … Read more

2 new addition to the RS Scanner segment | Zone Web

Eagle Price and RS Scanner A combination of multiple scanners related to P&F patterns, RS patterns and 52-week high low. In this scanner, more bullish (positive) scores and near its 52-week high is a bullish pattern. More bearish (negative) scores and near its 52-week low is a bearish pattern. Path: Zone Web > RZone > … Read more

New features updates | Zone Web

Introducing 4 new Indicators for different charts and add-ons for Renko charts | Zone Web  Commentary for Renko chart In this updated version, users can also view chart commentary with Renko charts.. Below elements are included in this commentary. High Low High Date Low Date Swing Bullish Breakout(SB+) Swing Bearish Breakout(SB-) Continuation Brick Reversal Brick … Read more

Introducing New Back-Testing feature | RZone

Only platform that provides Back-testing on all charting methods | RZone  “Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight Eisenhower Analysing the past performance of trading systems gives us idea about how it has actually performed compared to our assumptions. We understand how crucial and important this tool is and we have made a … Read more