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This scanner helps you scan the stocks that meet your criteria in the P&F price chart and the Relative strength chart. For example, the double top buy in the RS chart shows the pattern of outperformance and the double top buy in the price chart shows a price breakout. If you select a condition, not double top buy in the price chart and double top buy in the relative strength chart and scan on the group of stocks of your choice and market segment. It will show the list of stocks meeting both conditions.

Path: Scanner > Smart Scanner > P&F and RS Scanner

This way, you can have different conditions for price and RS charts and scan for the stocks. You can create various systems using a combination of price and indicators and create strategies through system builder as well.

The output window will show DTB, DBS value and percentage away from that on the price chart.

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latent view satisfy price criteria but not RS criteria.. there are some other such stocks. Please clarify.
Thank you

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