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Ultra Scanner: One of its kind Semi-Algo scanner

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Ultra Trading Scanner: Semi-Algo trading system | TradePoint Desktop Terminal

Ultra Scanner: Semi-Algo trading system in TradePoint

We have added an interesting feature in the TradePoint desktop trading terminal. We are calling it Ultra trading scanner, it is our first step towards building Algo trading systems.

Go to Scanner -> Real time scanner -> Ultra Scanner

It is a multi-charting strategy scanner and one of its kind.

Select Market, Stock group and timeframe in the scanner window. The scanner for entry and exit will be executed on that timeframe. However, data will be updated on tick basis.

You can also define the Exit time. The scanner will stop running at the time mentioned. So, if you are an intraday trader and wish to stop trading at a certain time during the session, you can mention that.

There are two types of setups: Entry and Exit.

Entry can be long or short. You need to select that.

Select the charting method on which you want to run the scanner.

Select the trading strategy. The pre-defined and user defined trading strategies built in system builder will appear here. Select a strategy from the list, the strategy you have selected will be the entry criteria for the scanner.

Select charting method and trading strategy for exit setup as well. You can even select different charting method for exiting. For example, entry based on candlestick chart and exit based on P&F chart or any other such kind of combination. There are many such possibilities.

You can also check your available margin before running the scanner and during the session.

When you run the scanner, it will look for entry criteria first. The stocks will not get repeated in the list.

The exit scanner will only look for the stocks in which entry conditions are qualified.

Once the exit condition of the stock is qualified, entry scanner will again consider the stock for entry.

You can execute the trades for entry and exit from the execute button itself. You can also see the Gain or loss in the trade based on the entry and exit qualified price.

In below list, you can see the status of the scrip for the scanner and the number of trades in each scrip based on the conditions you have defined.

This is our first step to provide a decent mechanism for executing your trade strategies. We will develop it further. Please share your feedback and suggestions on this tool so that we can make the suitable changes in it.  

Happy trading!


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Geeta Rathore

there are many issues which need elaborations in ultra scanner.

  1. the colour of gain/loss is reverse. i.e. green for loss and red for gain.
  2. is the gain/loss is in percentage?
  3. how do we create our own exit/entry strategy?
  4. the entry or exit strategies take default value. Example n column reversal we cant enter value of n.
  5. there should be one group only for index futures. will save lot of computing power for only index traders.
Geeta Rathore

Also we should be able to open chart from the trigger activated list.

Geeta Rathore

Can we have a video tutorial on how to use this feature optimally!


can we create our own group to scan?
ex : Nifty 18200 CE DEC 22
Nifty 18200 PE DEC 22