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Zone Web | Feature updates in RZone Dashboard, Scanners, Breadth, Table and Matrix

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We thank our platform users for their continuous feedback. This encourages us to make steady development in our platforms. This post will discuss all the recent updates and advancements in Zone Web.

Addition of new indicators in the Breadth Chart
The below list of indicators is now available for users to run the Breadth Chart feature. 
  • 52-period high – Low breadth 
  • New high–low breadth indicator 
  • Zweig Breadth Thrust Indicator 
  • Advance Decline Percent
  • AD Volume Index
  • McClellan Oscillator
  • McClellan Summation Index
  • Fosback High Low Logic Index
  • Average Absolute Breadth Index
  • TRAIN (Arms Index)

Total Eagle Score Column in the Eagle price and RS scanner

Total Smart RS Score column in Smart RS Scanner

SD and SharpeRatio column added in Performance Based Ranking Table

Line chart replaced with Pie chart in Price Volume Matrix

Save as Group button for different Scanners

We have added a “Save as Group” button to save your scan result in Group Manager. Find the list below:

  • Seasonality Scanner
  • Smart RS Scanner
  • Multi-timeframe Ratio Patterns
  • Multi-timeframe Ratio MA Patterns
  • PMOX Multi-timeframe Scanner
  • Pattern Counter Scanner
  • ADX Indicator Digger
  • Bollinger Indicator Digger
  • RSI Indicator Digger
  • Donchian Indicator Digger
  • Ichimoku Indicator Digger
  • Ulcer Index Digger
  • Candle Volume Analysis Scanner
Dashboard reports are updated every 5 min

The auto disabled feature for this menu is currently disabled. To fetch updated data users can refresh to page after every 5 minutes.

Also, feel free to write us at [email protected] or comment below for your valuable feedback

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This is really cool.. Thanks.