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Introducing New Back-Testing feature | RZone

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Only platform that provides Back-testing on all charting methods | RZone 

“Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight Eisenhower

Analysing the past performance of trading systems gives us idea about how it has actually performed compared to our assumptions. We understand how crucial and important this tool is and we have made a few interesting advancements for you.

Important features of Back testing in Zone Web:

  • Back testing is available on all charting types
  • It is available for Mutual Fund data as well
  • It is available NSE market data since inception of all scrips (Since 1995)
  • You can also perform it on intraday time intervals for all types of markets
  • You can do it on unlimited group of stocks at a single click
  • You can perform Back testing of pre-defined strategies as well as your own-defined strategies
  • You can even design complex strategies on all types of charting method without even having knowledge of coding
  • You can analyse the individual stock performance and also the group performance. Group average of Back testing is calculated very carefully and shows appropriate numbers
  • You have option to add allocation, slippages and you can decide on multiple exiting rules for trading
  • You can check all important statistical ration at a click, you can also analyse detail report of past occurrences and export it in csv file

Intraday Timeframes along with EOD Timeframes
Earlier, only EOD timeframes were available on our platform. Now users can opt for Intraday Timeframes – 1min, 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min and 1 hour

Select the Entry and Exit type of your choice
You can now select any Entry and Exit type of their choice. Users also have the option to select both.

Stop Loss% – Target Profit% – Risk reward%
You can define their % for Stop Loss, Target Profit and Risk reward. To learn more refer below:
Stop Loss% – Stop-loss for the trade in percentage terms. Trade will be exited if price goes below the stop-loss after entry and before meeting the other exit criteria. Ideally, you should have some other exit criteria such as profit target or some other system for exiting along with stop-loss condition.
Target Profit% – Target for Profit in percentage terms. Trade will be exited if price meets the profit exit criteria without hitting the stop-loss or other system condition that you have selected.
Risk reward% – Risk reward exit is a profit exit in relation to the initial risk that you have taken. It calculates profit based on some multiple of the risk taken for the trade. For example, if the initial risk is ₹ 1, profit target will be ₹ 2 if you have put Risk-reward as 2. Initial risk is defined in the software at a price level where pattern fails.

Set Allocation and Slippage
Users can set Slippage along with Initial capital while Back Testing. Users need to define brokerage% accordingly.

Patterns – Pre-defined and User-defined (both user-made and public)
In this new version, we have added pre-defined patterns along with user-defined patterns.

Strategy Analysis
A dynamic graphical representation representing various metrics Please refer below image:

Statistics (Drawdown)
A drawdown represents MDD, Average Drawdown, Max loss, Number of consecutive losses, Max Profit, and Number of consecutive Profits.

Trade Details
This was already part of old-version Back testing. This report generates G/L and G/L% for every trade. Also, there is a ‘Navigation Bar’ and an ‘Export to CSV’ menu available for users.

Feel free to write to us back in comments in case of any further assistance.

Thank you!

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