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New RZone dashboard for Zone Web

Post in "Zone Web" Started By Definedge, 11th August 2022


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Introducing New RZone Dashboard | Zone Web 

RZone – the web platform by Definedge for all your technical research and analysis. The new RZone dashboard displays a graphical representation of various aspects of the market. This feature allows users to get maximum information regarding the market in one single glance. In this post, we will discuss more about every element in RZone dashboard.

Where to find?

Login Zone Web > RZone

Live Indices: 
To analyse live Intraday movements

D Sector: This feature categorizes various sectors according to their market performances.

D Phase: Displays pictorial view of the major patterns qualified on PF charts for the selected group or sector to identify the strength of the group

All Indices: This feature list down various indices of different sectors/industries

Setup: To identify Trends and Levels in one go

Top gainers and Top Losers: This section list downs Top 10 performers and Top10 non-performers along with their performance and ranking scores. 


Do comment below about the various features in RZone and how we can make this even better

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