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Zone Web | Strategy Ranker: New Tool in RZone Section

Post in "Zone Web" Started By Definedge, 15th December 2022


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Strategy Ranker 

Our idea behind this tool is to sort the strategies in any symbol according to your preferences. 

With this tool, you can test multiple strategies simultaneously and sort them by success ratio, risk-reward ratio, average return, or expected return. Our recommendation is to do it based on the ‘expectancy’

Select the charting method, symbol, and timeframe. You can choose from up to 50 strategies based on predefined conditions (Pre), your own conditions (My), or systems from the Public library (Pub). Depending on your preference, you will be able to select either a long or short entry condition. 

Select the exit conditions. Any strategy defined in the system builder may be used to define exit conditions. For exit conditions, you may also specify a stop-loss, a profit target, or a risk reward.  

During backtesting, the program runs a backtest for each strategy and displays the number of trades, average return per trade, success ratio, risk-reward ratio, and expectancy. The strategy can be sorted by the column of your choice. 

This scanner helps in identifying stocks at All-time or All-time High-low stocks. Select the Market, Group, Segment and Condition. You can save the output in a CSV file or Save the list of stocks as a group so you can use the same group in some other scanner or backtesting.

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